Documentation Maintenance Services

Electronic document management for businesses

Many businesses need to pay more attention to adequately documenting IT systems and business processes. Documentation empowers your organization to know more about itself and ensures future endurance.

How do your tools work?

What is your IT policy?

What is your old hardware retirement schedule?

Whatever process you are trying to document, record, or preserve, we can help.

Documentation Maintenance IT Services

IT Insights excels at creating organized documentation and maintenance procedures. We record and keep all critical guidelines for future reference and help, updating and sharing the documentation with your team. The best part – your documents remain in your possession, which you can retrieve anytime using our document repository, IT Glue.

IT Glue

Our services assist in managing hardware documentation, improving asset tracking, and providing detailed information for hardware upgrades.


Network and Systems Document Management

Keeping track of your network and systems’ configurations, setup details, and changes can be overwhelming. With our network and systems documentation and cloud document management services, IT Insights makes sure you have detailed records of your network infrastructure and system settings which enables seamless troubleshooting, faster problem resolution, and smoother upgrades.


Application Management

We handle your applications, IT setups, and updates to ensure your business runs smoothly. Our service keeps track of your applications, their details, connections, and integration points, reducing downtime and improving IT efficiency.


Software License Management

Prevent expensive problems and excessive spending on software with our license management service. We make sure your company’s software licenses are monitored, renewed and follow agreements, reducing legal and financial risks.


Software Asset Management

Managing software assets can significantly affect your bottom line. Our service assists with software management, tracking licenses, and making informed inventory decisions. This improves cost management and resource allocation.


Hardware Documentation Management

Keeping track of your hardware assets, configurations, and maintenance history is crucial. This helps reduce downtime and prolong the life of your IT infrastructure.

Documentation Maintenance and Management

Documentation Maintenance Services in Rochester, NY

Systems Documentation

Network and System Documentation

Regular check of network configurations

Update network diagrams promptly after changes

Organized database for easy access

Work together on network security policies

Document disaster recovery plan using cloud document management solutions

Applications Management

Store application documentation in one place

Track and document application performance

Collaborate on software updates and patches

Regular review of application licenses

Create knowledge base for common application issues

Periodic license audits for compliance

Software License

Software Licenses

Current software inventory

Implement software asset management system

Analyze software usage for optimization

Manage license terms and renewal dates

Collaborate on software procurement alignment


Hardware Documentation

Track hardware inventory, age, and condition

Document maintenance schedules and warranties

Collaborate on tracking and resolving hardware issues

Manage system for retiring and disposing of hardware properly

You need IT documentation maintenance services. We have the insight.

Reach out today to learn more about our document management IT services for your business!